Saturday, April 16, 2011

Outfit Inspiration!

I get asked all the time about what should we wear for our photo shoot. That is a great question!

My best advice to you is to find outfits that go "Together". Don't worry about finding the same colors to all match. That usually ends in someone not loving what they are wearing. Pictures will always look better if everyone looks coordinated! Start simple. Find one outfit that you love and coordinate the rest of your family from that outfit. Keep in mind that colors will really bring out the pictures.

A great way to add to your outfit is to either add layers to your cloths or use a scarf, hat, or bow to go with your outfits. It can really add to the pictures.

Just remember to not stress about finding the perfect outfits. Make sure you check your closets before you go out shopping to see what you have that could work for you. Otherwise Gap, Old Navy, Target and Consignment stores are great places to look!

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