Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Blake's 4 year old pictures

Finally I finished Blake's 4 year pictures!! I did way to many photo shoots with him this summer that I had a hard time deciding on the ones I loved!
Blake is my little guy that gets so excited about getting a fun new outfit and is willing to go out to a new location and let me take his picture. So I usually go all out for him since he loves it!
I loved this photo shoot as it was so different for me and loved how the sunlight gives that foggy feel. What till you see what I have planned for his 5th year photo shoot!

Just a side note, these are all his poses! We got the dancing one, the goofy one and the great smiles!

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Marilyn Terlinden said...

Adorable! They're growing so fast, aren't they? Enjoy each day and each new season.
Marilyn Terlinden